Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm at home this week so more of the ridiculous stuff that occuppies my time:

This guy is incredible... Ronald Jenkees...make sure you have a hat on or else he may just make you lose yo' mind.

Whats does shamwow, mugshots, bloody tongues and 3 easy payment of $19.95 all have in common?

I don't have cable and instead of watching TV I listen to talk radio and podcasts while I'm at home. Unfortunately, very little of it is educational and a vast majority of it probably doesn't benefit me at all; it may even make me dumber. Regardless its all fun and entertaining

Jim Rome - His Web site has better information but you have to pay a membership fee to stream the its free.

Adam Corolla -I'm new to his show although a buddy has been telling me to get hooked for a long time. One listen was all it took before I was addicted. Corolla and all his immaturity, racism, feminism, homophobia and strangely brilliant ability to listen and council the sick comedians and hollywood b, and sometimes C, listers is uncanny and hilarious.

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  1. Shamwow is the bomb, mofo. I want the shamwow commercial on constant stream mixed with intermittent Bob Ross and his lovely lovely trees.