Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just More Stuff:

I leave for Hilo, Hawaii on Sunday so I will have some more travel type stuff to report.

But until then:

House Republicans roll out alternative budget

I love this video. Adam Sandberg has proven to be pretty funny and that's something unusual for the newer age of Saturday Night Live.

Serial Killer: Mugshots of the "Killer Clown." The story John Wayne Gacy.

I recently rented and watched the movie Synecdoche, New York. It is an incredible movie but very disturbing; classic Charlie Kaufman. After receiving the MacArthur grant a director finds himself trying to create a play about his life and throughout the process of creating this play it becomes his life.

"The use of synecdoche is a common way to emphasize an important aspect of a fictional character; for example, a character might be consistently described by a single body part, such as the eyes, which come to represent the character. This is often used when the main character does not know or care about the names of the characters that he/she is referring to."

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